I can't stop thinking about this one from Jak&Jil and Mr. Newton. Isabel Marant fur jacket from spring 2010. The green! THE GREEN!

- Shally


  1. yes yes the green ! love the colours not fan of real fur if it was real :)
    xo tobes

  2. Yes, the fur is real. I'm not sure where it is sourced. I am still undecided where I stand on it, I sell it at my work but I also sell leather jackets...people seem to forget that leather for shoes etc doesn't actually come from the food industry and is pretty much just as 'bad'. However the animals used for leather are less cute so probably gather more attention. Controversy!

  3. ohohohohohoh controversy indeed!!
    From my perspective, making shoes from leather and some furs, all of the leathers we use come directly form the food industry. The rabbit furs we have at the moment are a by product of a local farm that farms them for meat, before about 4 weeks ago they had just been thowing the furs in the bin. And even our emu and kangaroo skins are exclusively from food industry. Even all the cowhides (for rugs etc) (at least in SA) come from old dairy cows that we later used in the food industry. That said there would definitely be leathers NOT from food industry, and there would definitely be manufacturers that use this. So I'd agree that its a bit of a tough one, when its hard to know who's using what.

  4. I think when it comes to clothing, like, wholesale suppliers, its usually not from the food industry. Most clothes are made in China anyway. Australia's probably better but unfortunately most designers source from overseas. OR SOMETHING. NEXT TOPIC!


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