This top by Arnsdorf, the mauve Reflections Top from the SS10/11 "Opticks" collection, is amazing.
It's made of silk with a structured neoprene chest panel.
Currently available on pre-order at Maxmillia...

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Image: Maximillia

Continuing on my theme of being obsessed with pastel pinks and purples, I would really like a nice pair of pants for winter. I have that one black pair but one pair will not suffice. This pair from Opening Ceremony by Suno are fantastic, and they're on sale!

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The other option is the Polyester High-Waist Pleat Pant or the Unisex Jumper Pant from American Apparel... both relatively cheaper options than the Suno pair.

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 - Matea

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  1. i am totally getting that arnsdorf top through a friend after seeing it at rafw. cannot wait. the collection is crazy priced though.


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