Have you ever come across an image online, of say a runway show, or a single shot from an editorial but whoever has posted it online has not bothered to credit who it's by, so you have no idea how to find out more about the products/shoots in question? I have. SO many times. And all I end up doing is randomly typing what I think are relevant keywords into Google Images to try and find some sort of a link to the work...

Well, THERE IS A SOLUTION! (goodness, I sound like a television sales person...)
TinEye. You just paste the image link in, or upload an image that you've saved on your computer, and it tells you where else on the web that image appears! So you can find the original source, or somewhere where it was posted with proper crediting. It's also useful if you want to find higher quality versions of the same image.

My dad actually told me about this ages ago, but it was still in its testing stages at the time and as such not very effective, but I tried it out just then and it worked!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Also, there's another nifty site; Idée Labs. It does things like: finds images by colour/multiple colours, and you can upload your own image and it will find images that it thinks are similar on the web.

 - Matea

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