Today was a bit of an unexpected surprise. I woke to find my face plastered across the front page of our main local newspaper, The Advertiser! I was expecting this to be featured on page 26 or something, not the cover on a friday... Fashion and art trumped sport, yay! Anyway, it was there because The Advertiser's Samela Harris came into Tafe earlier in the week to do a story on the Footwear Department's exhibition in the Barlow Shoes shopfront on Rundle Mall as a part of the SALA (South Australian Living Artists) week. 
Please go in to Barlow's after Aug 5th to check out the exhibition and vote for my shoes! The winning voter will get a $150 voucher to spend in the store, so there's something in it for you too! :)

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On a darker note, I saw this vehicle on my way home today. Sal and I encountered a hearse earlier today too so this was a bit of a hearsy day. Quite fittingly embellished I think... I like the creeping fingers effect in the first pic.

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

 - Matea

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  1. congrats! you've reached the pinnacle of SA fame ;) it's heaps good.

    the skull on the back looks like it's trying to be elvis..

    anyway, just found you girls, thought I'd say hello! more adelaide fashion blogs yay!

    K xx


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