Sally recently posted about the House of Holland Maribu earrings. We had a little chat about them and their amazingness as well as price tag.

I decided I could make them. Easy.

So here is the accompanying D.I.Y.


Pair of earring backers
80cm of fine feather boa
Two large crystals (I used buttons and clipped the button backs off)
Square link gold coloured chain
Small pliers
Tarzan Grip glue

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Tarzan's Grip Glue, Scissors, Pliers

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Gold Coloured Wire, Fine Chain, Larger Square Link Chain

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Large Crystal Buttons

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Earring Backers

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Fine Feather Boa


1. First bend up the rounded dome of the earring backers (if they have one) and using pliers, open up a link in the chain and thread it through the small eye on the earring backer. Leave about 5-8 links in the chain to hang off the backer, this should be the right length.

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Attached chain and opened up earring backer.

2. Cut two lengths of 40cm feather boa. Loop each one on itself twice and using a small piece of wire (about 10cm) wrap around the where the ends of the boa meet, to fix in place.

3. Open up the last link in the chain that is attached to the earring backer and hook onto the wound wire on the boa.

4. Clip off the button backs on the large crystals with pliers.

5. Put a reasonable dollop of Tarzan's Grip on the back of the crystal and press the earring backer into it. Leave to dry.


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 - Matea


  1. Amazing, thanks for giving the step by step instructions! Those look GREAT!
    - C x

  2. Haha, you're brilliant! And I really loved those Vogue photos featuring the earrings :)


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