Straight out of high school and a year of Visual Arts at UniSA, I have been working as a makeup artist at an internationally-focused makeup and skincare boutique (think Australia's version of Space NK/Sephora), as well as at the local concept store of an Australian designer.

I do makeup freelance, with online store The New Guard being my main client. Alongside my work with makeup I plan to study photography at TAFE in the near future.

You can see my online portfolio here.
(And if you're interested, my personal tumblr here.)


When I left highschool I did some work experience/interning with Mira Vukovic of Mad Cortes in Sydney (the label no longer exists but Mira is now the head designer at Veronika Maine), as well as with Australian label Nookie, also based in Sydney.

I then did a year of Industrial Design at UniSA, left that, saved up and traveled to Japan for a bit. When I got back I did Visual Arts at UniSA where I met Sally and completed two years after getting quite disappointed with it. Currently Im studying at Tafe, doing the Certificate IV in Footwear Production. I've already made quite a few pairs of shoes (most to my size, some for my mother and others) and a few accessories.

You can see things I've made in these posts:

I also have an online portfolio here.
If youre interested, there is (or will be very soon!) a link on the left hand side to my shop, where you can buy some of the things I make.

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  1. i love your blog girls.
    this question more so being for matea though, how did you get into the footwear course? im in highschool in adelaide, and im doing a vet course at the adelaide city campus aswell but in fashion, but id love to get into shoe making when i finish school. is it as competitive to get into as the fashion design course?


  2. ♥ ♥ just discovered your blog! lovin it! please post some more DIY xo


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